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“Discover the Secrets to Attracting As Many

prospects as You Want and Transforming

90% of Them Into Loyal, Raving Clients for

your DayCare”

Do NOT read this unless you are serious about getting

as much business as you wish for your Daycare… and

you are prepared to understand EXACTLY how it is done

so that you are totally confident that you know exactly

how to have everyone in your marketplace KNOW that

you are THE PREMIER daycare in your entire area.


WARNING:   If you read this letter and watch the video

below, you will understand exactly how this entire process

will work for you…and WHY.   Your life and your business

will be completely changed and it will never be the same again!

From:  Randy Berg, owner

To:  You… IF you are tired of struggling and attempting to get more clients… and simply cannot understand why they cannot see that you are far superior to other daycares with more money and larger facilities.   Your best advertisement is your children and their parents but you are frustrated because you cannot seem to get your message to others who desperately need what you have and what you offer.

First… let me say this… if you are a franchised daycare or you currently have all of the clients that that you want … this is not for you.

If you want customers handed to you on a platter or expect them to come to you without having to prove yourself… this is not for you.

If you expect customers to automatically recognize who and what you are AND why you are better… just because you think the world owes it to you… this is not for you.

And if you are frustrated because the franchises seem to have bottomless pockets for funding to advertise and because you absolutely believe you are the best but you simply don’t know how to get your message “out there”:…

AND if you are someone who loves children and loves to watch them learn and grow … and you are someone who believes in relationships with their parents and absolutely believes that your clients could not do better ANYWHERE ELSE… then keep reading, because your answers are here.

You are about to discover the answers to your question:

But you didn’t count on struggling this much, did you?

And you still wonder why the public… the ones that REALLY need affordable AND quality… don’t recognize that you’re the best.

“ Why can’t the people and the children that NEED me the most see how much better I really am?”

You know that you don’t know much about marketing and sales… but you think:

“How difficult can it be for people who need us to see how much better we are than our competition?”

And you think you’ve tried just about everything … from classified ads… to studying books on “sales” to reading about advertising on social media … like Facebook and Instagram and even Twitter… to even hiring someone to put up a website for you.  Even NETWORK meetings. And nothing seems to work.

And you don’t want to give up… because the children and the parents that know you rave about you and how much their kids love you.  And you love the work.

But you are barely hanging on and you don’t know what to do to keep the doors open.   And the goals you had for yourself in the beginning … they seem to be slowly fading.

I want to solve these problems for you.

My name is Randy Berg and… being perfectly candid… I really don’t expect you to believe me…. that I can “really help” you

But first… I want to tell you WHY you are in the mess you are in.

And it is NOT what you think.

Let me explain…

The business world… and the world in general is more confusing and frustrating than ever before.

Over 80% of all businesses fail within five years… and last year, for the first time ever… more businesses closed their doors… than started.

Those odds stink.

Look around you… businesses are failing left and right, shopping malls and retails stores are vacant and empty… and even companies with millions of dollars are closing because they can’t solve these problems either.

So what do you think YOUR odds are?

Remember “way back” when things were simpler and easier to understand?

And business was done on a handshake and trust?

It’s sad… because we all want it to be that way… but those days are gone, probably forever.

And the internet, despite its claims of making life easier for us… has made life more complicated and more confusing.

We have been told that it is easy to find answers on the internet and that buyers are easy to locate and to find.   But it hasn’t worked that way for most people…Because the trust that existed in the past is almost totally gone in today’s marketplaces.

And now, almost everyone on the internet is faceless and trust doesn’t seem to exist at all.

And yet, trust is something that is absolutely crucial for you and the people that are searching for reputable and competent daycare providers.

But they simply can’t find it. 

And yet… people seeking for quality and affordable daycare WANT and NEED to discover the trust that they are seeking for their children.

And the people… the providers of daycare services… aren’t doing that.

Which leaves a huge gap that YOU can fill.

In short… the ONE daycare that can show that they are trustworthy, have the knowledge and authority to provide the best of service ( remember… almost everyone “says” they do this but almost no one believes them )…AND can show that they are “likeable” will thoroughly dominate the market.

And that is exactly what you have been looking for… even if you couldn’t define it… BUT you don’t know how to do it.

We do… we’ve done it… and now we want to show you exactly how to do it.

I need to tell you exactly how to do this… so that you understand that this can be done… that it is not just hype, smoke and mirrors and snake oil…. That it IS possible for you to totally dominate the day care market in your marketplace.

Please watch the short video below… it will give you details on EXACTLY how you can do a complete “takeover” of your market:

Our offer is simple…

We will work with only one daycare in your geographical area. We will:

  • Design and configure a “capture page” and integrate it with your website …AND the software we will help setup for you. ( if you do not have a website, you definitely need one … so let us know so that we can discuss this detail further ).
  • We will design and write the “mafia offer” or bribe which will be offered to viewers and readers in exchange for their contact information. This is not a simple article and will be presented as an Ebook in PDF format.
  • We will write and design all correspondence for between 10 and 14 points of contact … these will include but not be limited to emails, articles of interest and specific content relative to your daycare activities and interests… stories, Ebooks, newsletters, videos.
  • We will integrate and configure the correspondence pieces to be sent out with the express purpose of establishing your competence, commitment to your daycare, the children and their safety and welfare… your authority, your history as it relates to the daycare itself, and information about you and your family… all points of interest to potential clients.
  • The software already setup will be used to send out all correspondence as programmed by us in conjunction with your approval.

We will continue to ensure that the overall processes, software and all communications are constantly updated and having maximum effect upon sales conversions. Our initial setup fees have always been a minimum of $1500 and that is before actual product production and creation… below is what individual fees for products we are offering you BEFORE our discounted pricing:

*Capture page and integration with website: $999
*Design and write the “bribe”: 499
*Sequence of correspondence as described/copywriting/design: 699
*Setup of software and programming: 299 TOTAL

The above pricing reflect our standard agency fees but candidly we are better than the competition and charge less because of other priorities. We are very particular with our choice of clients as we want to ensure that they are as committed to their success as we will be.   We are not interested in a client who expects us to simply perform as we view it as more of a partnership. This particular niche and service we are offering reflects our strong emotional ties to this service and industry as well.   And we are truly committed to each client’s success. Those who wish to know more about me and who we are, as well as backgrounds, history and more can go to either of our websites: or Links to other material, books, testimonials and more are available as well on the websites.

That being said, we are offering ONE client in the area a total waiver of all setup fees and a first month fee of only $499.   Billing and fees are described following this and on the Paypal invoice.  We are making this offer at substantially less than we ordinarily would because of emotional ties to the marketplace and people involved.   We anticipate not only a business relationship but also a personal one.    Our clients become long term friends in almost every instance.   Money is not our driving force … performance and accomplishment are.   We are damn good at what we do and are particular who we work with as well. And we will continue to support all facets of our commitment and more for the same price level for a time level of one year and each month to be billed at the same price. Billing and invoicing will take place through PayPal and billing is expected to be paid upon receipt.  Extra and additional services will be priced differently but still below market pricing.  However, we are also aware that additional work from you will be dependent upon our performance… which is how all successful businesses operate.   Once you either call OR submit billing and itemized invoice ( other than Paypal ) will be emailed to you.  It will reflect exactly what is itemized here.  You should also be aware that Paypal is extraordinarily strict with any vendor not explicitly following instructions and it is relatively easy to obtain a refund if not satisfied.   And that is why Paypal is so popular… because it represents integrity and reflects the honesty of each vendor. Billing can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day notice by either party.

Questions? … please ask quickly and remember, there will be only one day care provider that we will work with. Hope to hear from you!

Only One Person Accepted Per Geographical Marketplace…And Eligible To Receive Waiver Of Setup Fees And A Savings Of $2000 Monthly!


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