“Discover the Secrets of Making Money Online Without

Risk, Without Having any Technical Skills and Knowing

That Your Own Business Will Have a LONG History of

Success and Profitable, Verifiable Results”

Do not read this if you are expecting to see another “Get Rich Quick

Scheme”…like so many you have seen before… and unless you are

prepared to be shown WHY a system works and WHY so many

others have failed AND you are prepared to examine a turnkey

system with everything in place.   And do NOT read if you cannot

accept a system with verifiable results and simple to follow

directions that  actually WORK.   

WARNING:   If you read this letter and watch the video below AND

the Ebook that follows you will understand exactly how this entire

system will work for you…and WHY.   Your life and your business

will be completely changed and it will never be the same again!

From:   Randy Berg… a 70 year old guy that has had a few huge successes in life and a few failures too.

To: You…if you are tired of struggling online but still expecting that a “magic bullet” or “genie in a bottle” will suddenly appear and grant your wishes for riches … this is not for you.

If you want money and success handed to you on a platter or expect people to come to you without any work or understanding… this is not for you.

If you expect customers to automatically recognize who and what you are AND why you are better… just because you think the world owes it to you… this is not for you.

If you continue to read sales letters and products that all claim to offer EXACTLY what you are looking for…and you think “this is the one!” again and again… this is not for you.

You know that you are not looking for anything exceptional… a simple system that can generate a reasonable monthly income without any hassle… but so far… you have met with nothing but disappointment.

You know that there are people out there… marketers who actually are making money… but you are beginning to wonder if you will ever find something that will work for you… because after all this time and money… you are still at a standstill.

And you are ready to throw in the towel…because wherever you have turned…and whatever you have tried…it has been nothing but failure.

I want to solve these problems for you.

My name is Randy Berg and… being perfectly candid… I really don’t expect you to believe me…. that I can “really help” you

But first… I want to tell you WHY you are in the mess you are in.

And it is NOT what you think.

Let me explain…

The business world… and the world in general is more confusing and frustrating than ever before.

Over 80% of all businesses fail within five years… and last year, for the first time ever… more businesses closed their doors… than started.

And online businesses?  Almost 98% fail.

Those odds stink.

Look around you… businesses are failing left and right, shopping malls and retails stores are vacant and empty… and even companies with millions of dollars are closing because they can’t solve these problems either.

So what do you think YOUR odds are?

Remember “way back” when things were simpler and easier to understand?

And business was done on a handshake and trust?

It’s sad… because we all want it to be that way… but those days are gone, probably forever.

And the internet, despite its claims of making life easier for us… has made life more complicated and more confusing.

We have been told that it is easy to find answers on the internet and that buyers are easy to locate and to find.   But it hasn’t worked that way for most people…Because the trust that existed in the past is almost totally gone in today’s marketplaces.

And now, almost everyone on the internet is faceless and trust doesn’t seem to exist at all.

It’s depressing.

I want to tell you a story…

About three years ago my wife and I moved back to the States after having retired to Costa Rica for over a decade.

I had made a ton of money and suddenly it was gone.

I had to find something in a hurry to replace what was gone…because we all know that social security doesn’t go far these days…and not too many people were hiring 65 year old guys with hearing aids.

Most of my business had been done online but it also involved personal contact as well so it wasn’t strictly internet marketing per se.

I read… I studied…I talked to people I knew and even took online courses…

I fell for the sales pages, the online products… pages and pages of them… costing me thousands of dollars I didn’t have.

And I was feeling worse and worse with each passing day… thinking that there was absolutely nothing that would work for me…but not wanting to give up.

Then one day a friend called and said he had something that he thought was absolutely perfect for me…

He kind of laughed at the time because he knew that I could barely send an email or even talk on the phone because of my severe hearing problem… I mean, I needed something that was turnkey because I sure didn’t have employees anymore that could do my work for me!

But I said I would take a look at it.

It was a website and a book of around 20 pages.

My first response…I was intrigued.

Honestly, I thought the website was kind of “old fashioned” and it was “simple” ( I don’t know how else to describe it. )

The book … well, it made sense but, truth be told, it sounded “too good to be true.”… almost like “this can’t work, can it?”

The next day… I read it again…

And I read it four more times

Then I bought it.

And I have to tell you that it was definitely not much money, so I wasn’t risking much… but it made so much sense that I had to try it.

And it was set up for me… and thank goodness, because I couldn’t have done it myself!

And within 24 hours I had a sale. And yes, I got paid…immediately.

I was speechless.

And within a week I had 8 more sales.

And now?   I get sales every single day.    And I am just starting to “scale up” my marketing and I am sure it will get even better.

I am not rich but I am definitely making money.   And I never had before… not like this…definitely not online.

Now…I have to tell you the ONE thing that really intrigued me and kept me reading and re-reading the material in the beginning.

My friend said “this product is converting at OVER 50%!”

In other words, for every person who reads the website and the book… better than half purchased the program.

That is unheard of.    And honestly, I didn’t believe him.

But I do now.

And I want to tell you how you can do the same thing I did… make money online…

It is simple, totally turnkey… I mean, EVERYTHING is done for you… right down to the setup of the payment processor and the actual marketing program.

There is nothing hidden… and, get this… the developer will talk to you personally or online and answer any questions you might have BEFORE you buy.   You will have the opportunity to study, and thoroughly examine EVERYTHING before you make a decision to move forward.

I did… and remember, I don’t trust anyone either.

It is perfect … it works… it is simple and easy to understand.

It will make you money.

The only way that it will NOT work… is if you read it all and then let it die on your hard drive.

But remember, over half of all people that read it … buy.

No upsells, nothing hidden and no BS.   Kind of refreshing , huh?

Back to the old days.

Watch the video below… then read the website and the book… read it more than once…

Then buy the product… and make money.

Here is the link to the website:  http://www.GiantBlackbirdOnMyHead.com 

Read it… all of it… read it again…

I hope that it makes as much sense to you as it did for me.

This is one of the few things that has made money for me online.

It simply works… and I promise … it will work for you too.

Thanks for watching and reading this message…