How many of you remember how Tony Robbins got his start?

Probably not too many because now… today… everyone knows who he is and what he does.

His famous “firewalk”

People were talking about it almost immediately.

He would walk across hot, burning coals… to demonstrate mind over matter.

No one had seen anything like it… at least not in person.

That’s how he got his start.

He created controversy… interest… and people were talking about him.

And he got people to listen to him … all because of his firewalk.

What is YOUR firewalk?

What have you done to make people notice you?

How do you stand out?

What are you doing NOW to get your potential buyers… your marketplace … to pay attention to you?

Send out a few emails?   Write a blog?   Take out a few ads?

Maybe you’ve joined a network marketing group?

But one thing is certain… you’ve tried a LOT of different systems and methods… and nothing has worked the way “they” said it would

How do you market yourself?

You would love to be as popular as Microsoft, Coca Cola, or Google… but you don’t have millions of dollars to spend.

But… you don’t need to either.

I want to tell you one “little thing” that I did when I started a business AFTER I retired:

I designed a banner ad which went on the first page of an online paper that most of my target audience read… probably cost me about $75.

It said ( along with my photo ) “Is This Man the Most Hated Realtor In the Entire Country?”

OMG… the response was unbelievable… some people said I was as dumb as dirt… my competition hated me but loved the ad… but EVERYONE noticed it.

This was also the prelude to my being written up in Newsweek as well… and that didn’t hurt my exposure either.

I know… you’re saying “I couldn’t do anything like that!”

Maybe not… but I would be willing to be that you COULD easily figure something out that would get you noticed.

You know you could… but maybe you don’t want to stand out?

BUT if you don’t you will never dominate your marketplace… because you need your buyers to notice you before they will buy from you.   They won’t see you if all you do is send out a few emails or place a few ads in the classifieds.

Do you want to know a few other things that I did?

I listed several more things in my book, The Reinvention Protocol.

I am not going to tell you it’s available for Cyber Monday… I hate that.

But… if you visit my profile… message me or send me an email ( ) and I will send you a complimentary copy of my book.

And no, I won’t harass you to buy anything either.

Being a small business and an entrepreneur is tough… and this is my way of giving a little back.

Hey, at age 70, I got a little latitude.   We old men have a tendency to do that sort of thing.

Send me an email…

Thanks for reading.