“Who is Randy Berg and why should I care?”

Age 70, native of Minnesota, and at my age, I always anticipated that I would just be “kicking back” and enjoying my retirement.

But I thought that a decade ago too, and that isn’t me.

Married, three children, daughters, all with children that make me smile every time I think about them.

Married over twenty years and no, it didn’t take the first two times.   I have been lucky enough to find someone who loves me enough to put up with me and support my idiosyncrasies and crazy ideas.  She is my rock.


After studying business and psychology in the 60s and early 70s I decided that I had better get serious and get a job.

First was with a conglomerate and the second was a privately held, international exporter that hired me to sell for them overseas.

And at that point, my drinking was getting away from me… and I was fired after I ended up in a foreign country and didn’t know how I got there.

It took me 18 months to admit that “just maybe” I had a problem.

After that…

– Got my securities and commodities licenses and proceeded to become the Number One producer in my office within 18 months.

– Became bored with securities and became interested in gold and silver mining. And ended up being the first in the State of MN to take a gold mining company public…from scratch.

– My first big “score”… $5,000,000 on paper (remember, this was the early 80s! )… but it disappeared quickly.

– Ran two other mining companies on the Vancouver Exchange and projects in South Dakota, Canada, New Mexico and Nevada.

– Started a venture capital company which I ran for five years on a part time basis.

– Started a copy center ( similar to Kinko’s and Mail Box Etc. ) which eventually I merged into my wife’s commercial printing company.

– After fighting the markets to stay afloat with the printing/copy business ( I had failed to see that personal computers and printers would doom the printing business ) we ultimately sold the company… with plans to retire.

– Moved to Costa Rica and could not relax even in the most beautiful country in the world… and started a real estate sales and development firm.


Now… you are looking at what I do… work with businesses that need help, can admit it…and are willing to learn and take action…AND know their options.

And candidly, I am one of a few “consultants” that actually has run a business and can say from experience “what works, and what doesn’t work.”  

Here is a link to my history in Costa Rica which contributed hugely to my business today and has helped me immeasurably with other businesses as well.

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